8Great: Western Australia beaches you wish could step foot on

Woman in ocean

by Caroline Makepeace

One of the hardest things I think I’ve had to do is choose just 8 Western Australian beaches for you to dream about walking on. With a coastline of 12,913 miles, Western Australia presents an endless stretch of white sand, pristine turquoise water, and dazzling sunsets.

I can promise you when you gaze upon a WA beach for the first time, you’ll stand with mouth agape and exclaim, “Those colors are for real.”

Yep. Not photoshopped folks!

Check out 8 reasons why I believe Western Australia has the best beaches in the world. It’s Australia’s best-kept secret. Hold it real tight to your flip-flops now.

1. Cable Beach, Broome

Broome is a Kaleidoscope of colors and my favorite place in Australia. Sand dunes that roll down changing from the red soil to light orange, to eventually fade into pure white sand as it reaches the turquoise Indian Ocean.

A Cable Beach sunset is an experience. Admire it from the sand, the back of your pickup, a sunset bar or atop a camel. Be warned. You will not want to leave.

2. Elephant Rocks, Denmark

Elephant Rocks is located 15 kilometers from the town of Denmark in the south-west region of WA.

Take the short walk from the carpark along a coastal track, and you’re rewarded with a stunning view out over the Great Southern Ocean.

If you’re looking at the rocky outcrop from a particular viewpoint you’ll see that it’s called Elephant Rocks because it resembles a herd of elephants paddling in the shallow waters. It’s another magic family beach perfect for swimming and snorkeling. There’s a high chance you’ll have the beach to yourself.

3. Lucky Bay, Esperance

Explore this stunning beach in the Cape Le Grand National Park from the front seat of your car. Lucky Bay is also famous for its resident kangaroos. You know that’s the Australian photo you want to get.

Located near the town of Esperance, Lucky Bay is a remote enough destination to keep the crowds away. Prepared to be wowed in this National Park.

4. Hamelin Bay, Margaret River

Hamelin Bay is possibly the most picturesque beach in the Margaret River region. (An area known for great surf, gourmet food, and world-class wine. Does life get any better?

Not only is Hamelin Bay perfect for swimming, snorkeling and apparently scuba diving, but its resident wild stingrays also love to come right to shore and swim around your feet.

5. Bill’s Bay, Coral Bay

Bill’s Bay is a huge, sweeping bay protected by the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park making it a snorkeling and swimming paradise. The water is crystal clear turquoise blue and large fish, and turtles swim around your ankles in the shallows. Don’t worry about fins just let the current take you from the point back to shore over the coral.

A short boat ride from shore will take you to swim with the gentle giants of the sea – manta rays and whale sharks.

6. The Basin, Rottnest Island

The Basin is located on Rottnest Island, 18 kilometers off the coast of Perth. The Basin is sheltered and very popular with families and snorkelers (ideal for novices) due to shallow reefs and gentle swells.

A hole in the platform reef forms a large natural swimming pool.

Tip: Don’t forget to walk up to the top of the rocky headland for an incredible view.

7. Waterfall Beach, Albany 

Waterfall Bay is Western Australia’s “Secret Squirrel” beach. That’s Australian for keeping it to yourself. I’m trusting you to keep it quiet. You can only get there via a secret bush passage from Little Beach next door in the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve. In season, a small waterfall winds its way to the ocean through a rock crevasse. As for the beach, it’s stunning. The water once again is that beautiful turquoise, and the bay is much more sheltered from the wind and waves than Little Beach.

Tip: Waterfall Beach is secluded and private. Don’t forget to pack supplies.

8. Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

Exmouth is a town on the Coral Coast of Western Australia, a 15-hour drive north of Perth. Turquoise Bay is on the edge of Ningaloo Reef and is brilliant for swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing.

Don’t miss the famous drift snorkel, swim out a few meters and let the current carry you north, exiting before the sandbar which is prone to powerful currents! Seriously, you are five footsteps away from one of the world’s best and most pristine reef systems.

Bio: Brooke Constance White is a freelance writer/blogger living in coastal Rhode Island. She’s a lover of cooking, traveling, gardening, reading and swimming in the ocean and has written for Eating Well Magazine, the Edible Communities, Patch, among others. Follow her adventures on her Instagram @brookiecw.