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Solo Women Travel: Three Safe Places for Women seeking Adventure

By Stefanie Michaels Solo Women Travel: Two Safe Places for Women seeking Adventure I've traveled the world many times over and frequently alone. In a recent...

Hotel Review: Latitude 10

by Fiona Tapp If you are looking for a true retreat from the world, a place to find serenity and unplug for a few days,...

Hotel Review: Villa Buena Onda

by Fiona Tapp Swaying gently on my balcony hammock, gazing down at the infinity pool and out towards the ocean, I relax into a midday...

Japanese Garden in Heart of City

by Fiona Tapp Tokyo could never be described as boring, in fact, sometimes the glaring urban excitement and visual stimuli can amount to sensory overload. That's...

Hotel Review: The Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort

by Fiona Tapp Panama-Hotel Review of The Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort The Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort is under two hours drive from Panama City but...

Hotel Review: Spa Hotel Meets English Country Manor

by Shanna F. Jones If you want get a flavor of the lives of the British upper class there are plenty of options in London....

Hotel Review: Tubagua EcoLodge in Puerto Plata

by Fiona Tapp Just twenty minutes from the packed beaches of the Puerta Plata resorts and the all-inclusive specialty hangover, Tubagua Ecolodge sits perched on...
Hotel Review

Hotel Review: Kimpton Schofield

by Shanna F. Jones Step into the lobby of the Kimpton Schofield Hotel on Ninth Street and a part of your imagination may be instantly...

Hotel Review: Chic Boutique FOUND:RE in Phoenix

by Fiona Tapp The chic boutique hotel FOUND:RE close to the art hub Roosevelt Row, in Phoenix is about to celebrate its first birthday and...
Hotel Review The Wall House

Hotel Review: The Wallhouse Hotel in Ohio’s Amish Country

by Shanna F. Jones Deep in the heart of Amish country in Ohio’s farmlands, the Wallhouse Hotel stands out against the landscape. Modern decor, technologically...
Hyatt Regency Downtown Cleveland

Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Downtown Cleveland

by Shanna F. Jones Situated in the heart of downtown Cleveland the Regency Hyatt forms part of The Arcade. A stunningly beautiful ornate historic building...
New Otani Oahu For Adventure

8Great: What’s New on Oahu?

OAHU, known as the Heart of Hawaii, sets the rhythm of the islands with new updates, changes and additions. Below is a glimpse of...