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Pizza Pizza
Happy National Pizza Day! How happy are we pizza lovers, that there's a day for us to celebrate! The history of pizza started in antiquity, when several cultures made flatbreads with toppings. Today, flatbreads are back on the menu of many restaurants, not just Italian ones either! What we know as "focaccia",...
Wonder Woman
by Stefanie Michaels Wonder Woman film fanatics (we at Adventure Girl included) want to know where in the world was the movie Wonder Woman filmed? The story of an Amazon warrior princess, turned superhero, stars the stunning actress, Gal Gadot. Her performance has enlightened fans around the globe, and have inspired...
By Nardia Plumridge Far from being just the Renaissance capital of Italy, Florence is also a powerhouse when it comes to fashion. Like cutting edge yet elegant style? Read on Adventure Girls… 1. Shoes VIAJIYU – opened in 2013 by sassy American Nicole Still, this bespoke shoe company specializes in flats and...

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