Photo Shoot: Lotte New York Palace Hotel

lotte champagne suite

I had the chance to experience the LOTTE New York Palace, a luxury midtown hotel on the corner of 50th & Madison. I have just one word to describe the experience. WOW!

BTW, LOTTE is pronounced LO-TAY.

The property was acquired by LOTTE Hotels & Resorts on August 28, 2015. Previously, the property completed a $140 million redesign in the fall of 2013. The renovation transformed the property’s premier rooms and suites in The Towers, a hotel-within-a-hotel. Additional upgrades included new lobbies, specialty suites and restaurants and bars including Trouble’s Trust, The Lobby Lounge, Tavern on 51, Rarities and Pomme Palais. In addition to 30,000 square feet of updated event space, The Palace is home to private spaces located in the historic Villard Mansion that feature 19th century interiors and are ideal for lavish weddings, events and dinners. With 909 rooms and suites, The Palace is known for unparalleled splendor, spectacular views, spacious rooms and exquisite service. Located across the street from St. Patrick’s Cathedral and only steps from Rockefeller Center — the hotel’s world-renowned courtyard incorporates motifs from several 15th-century Italian cathedrals and has served as the entranceway to the historic Villard Mansion since 1882. LOTTE New York Palace gracefully blends the landmark Villard Mansion with a contemporary 55-story tower.


About LOTTE Hotels & Resorts

LOTTE Hotels & Resorts are currently in operation of 18 properties across five countries globally and have 16 more properties in the pipeline. LOTTE Hotels & Resorts have secured their brand equity by way of their award-winning Five Star properties. Their first luxury and overseas hotel from Korea’s hotel brand in Russia has been in the spotlight after being recently awarded with the Prix Villegiature Awards ‘Best Hotel in Europe’. LOTTE Hotels & Resorts has gained worldwide recognition for its excellent service and facilities suitable for major international events. It has also been rated as the best hotel in Korea by numerous prestigious magazines, including Conde Nast Traveler, Global Traveler, Business Traveller (Asia Pacific), and Trade Travel Gazette

Rarities, as the name suggests, serves the world’s rarest and finest spirits, many of which cannot be found on the market. One pour starts at $40 and can take you as high as $4,000. Our Director of Wine &  Beverages Justin Lohrenz does a lot of research and curating to ensure we only serve the best. Rarities is available by appointment only. We also offer memberships to Rarities, which cost $15,000 each. It comes with a $5,000 tasting credit, and 10 room nights in the Towers that members can redeem throughout the year.

For more information: Guests can reserve accommodations online at or contact reservations at 1-800-NY-PALACE

Special Thank you to LOTTE for hosting Adventure Girl!