Adventure Girl’s on the road makeup tips

Adventure Girl’s on the road makeup tips

by Stefanie Michaels

I wish I were that girl who could go without a stitch of makeup and look good. Truth is, I can’t.

Not only have I had to ditch my entire makeup bag while traveling most times, many of the locales I visit, like the back-waters of Papua New Guinea, aren’t the kind of places being dolled up would work.



What I have learned is to modify what goes on my face, creating some tricks over the years so that I have a little something on for the camera. Eyeliner is one of those must haves. I may ditch the mascara, but I always try to add a simple liner at my lash line.

Here’s how I do it:

I don’t believe in pulling your eye outwards. Why tug on precious skin if you don’t have to.

Simply take a soft eye pencil or felt-tip pen liner and begin at the center of your eye.

Get as close to the lash line as possible.

Work outwards.

You can stop at the outer edge of your eye or continue out just a tad to create more of a cat eye. I prefer to keep it at the outer corner, not extending it too much unless I am doing this for an evening look.

Another option to play with is to start at the inner part of your lash line (near your nose) and work your liner out towards the outer corner.

The trick is to accentuate the eye, without looking like you’ve added too much makeup.