Which Country Gets the Best Holiday Time Off? (chart)

Which Country Gets the Best Holiday Time Off? (chart)

The world seems to be taking required time off, as it’s mandated by their countries. America on the other hand lends to quite a different marker on what’s mandated or not. Sure we have laws in place to give us federal holidays, and employers must abide by certain state regulations. However,  there is a vast difference from the U.S. to what’s mandated in other parts of the world.

Sure… Europeans get 4 to 6-weeks of holiday. We all ready know that, but did you know the UAE and Brasil get a minimum of 30 days as well? Since the United States government doesn’t require companies to give employees a total number days off, which are paid and not including “sick days”, it’s no wonder by the time we do get that much needed holiday, we’re almost too exhausted to head anywhere!

This graphic below says it all!


Graphic Source:/AMEX