Skyscanner Flight Search Now Integrated into Alexa


Skyscanner Flight Search Now Integrated into Alexa, the Amazon Cloud-Based Voice Service

If you don’t know about Skyscanner yet, you should. It’s the “world’s travel search engine”—meaning they put out airfares from all carriers, not just US carriers, which is restrictive and what you would find on other popular booking engine websites.

Teamed with Alexa, the cloud-based voice service behind Amazon Echo, where it is now possible to search for flights using simple voice conversation. “Hello, Paris is that you?”

The Skyscanner skill is available on any device using Alexa, including Amazon Echo and the all-new Fire TV. So you can literally be sitting in your living room watching your TV screen and booking flights. LOVE it!

Skyscanner is the first travel search engine to integrate voice-powered search enabling Alexa to suggest flights based on a simple conversation with “her” about upcoming travel plans. Users flight searching can tell Alexa to search for Skyscanner flights using language commands, then Alexa shares the best option found based on a user request.

Check it out! Pretty cool! Skyscanner and Alexa integration at work:

Skyscanner skill information on Amazon Echo, visit