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Private Jet Paul Thompson
]by Paul Thompson The future of regional air travel may be arriving sooner than many of us expected! Boeing and JetBlue are working with Seattle-based startup called Zunum Aero to develop a hybrid-electric jet that they plan to have in service by 2022. Zunum is the Mayan word for Hummingbird, and...
Southwest Hawaii
by Paul Thompson On Wednesday evening, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines announced they plan to begin flying to Hawaii in the near future. The airline broke the news in two ways. First, they shared the news to a crowd of thousands of employees who were attending a “Spirit Party” at Universal Studios...
747 max 8Great
by Paul Thompson Southwest Airlines introduced a brand new aircraft type to its fleet this week — the Boeing 737 MAX-8. For those of you who have flown on Southwest, you’re already pretty familiar with the 737, which has been Southwest’s primary aircraft for 46 years. At first glance, it...
No Diggity
Passenger queries take flight! When an airline asked passengers to come to the desk with any questions, but they had to sing it first, this guy took asking his question to a whole new level. Belting out "No diggity" by Blackstreet, wearing a Red Skins t-shirt, this songster wow'd the crowd....

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