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Nashville Music City
By Stefanie Michaels The countless times that I’ve travelled to Nashville, Tennessee, I always left wanting more. It’s literally a second home to me. It’s nestled in what could be considered Tennessee’s bowl with rolling hills surrounding this urban treasure trove. The locals will tell you if you don’t like...
747 max 8Great
by Paul Thompson Southwest Airlines introduced a brand new aircraft type to its fleet this week — the Boeing 737 MAX-8. For those of you who have flown on Southwest, you’re already pretty familiar with the 737, which has been Southwest’s primary aircraft for 46 years. At first glance, it...
British Airways
by Paul Thompson What comes to your mind when you think of British Airways? Is it the historic Concorde, First Class, and attentive service? All three of those would be correct, but what about trans-Atlantic service to cities in mid-America? That would be accurate as well. This week, British Airways...

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