SEATTLE: Fran’s Smoked + Salted Carmels Must Haves

SEATTLE: Fran’s Smoked + Salted Carmels Must Haves

salted carmels

It was my quest to hit at least one candy shop on a whirl-wind adventure in Seattle. I had almost an hour to see the sites, and experience this beautiful nugget of spectacular city. Most importantly, track down the best dark chocolate in town.

I had just come out of Pike’s Market, and as I turned the corner, low and behold, there it was… Fran’s. This beautiful candy store that drew me in, and I am forever a changed chocoholic because of it.

I’m so much a chocoholic that I require that my dark chocolate only be that. Dark chocolate. Don’t mess with it, don’t add cherries, or froofy cremes. Just leave it as is, as it should be.

As I perused the cases, a savvy shop girl said, “Would you like to try one of our smoked and salted caramels?”

Dark chocolate AND salted caramels?  Begrudgingly, I agreed to a taste.

Not one taste was I in the least bit satisfied. It was that good. So I “tried” another to make sure I wasn’t going crazy, then another. Sensing I was overstaying my taste-testing op, I did what had previously thought unthinkable.

I went for it. I purchased that dark chocolate, with caramel, and grey salt atop of each delectable morsel.

Fran’s Chocolates


Downtown Seattle
 at the Four Seasons Hotel
1325 1st Ave.
 Seattle, WA 98101
 (206) 682.0168
University Village Store
 2626 NE University Village St
 Seattle, WA 98105
 (206) 528.9969

Bellevue Store
 10036 Main St
 Bellevue, WA 98004
 (425) 453.1698