Portland: Movies, Brewskies and Portlandia

Portland: Movies, Brewskies and Portlandia


Portlandia, the television series set in Portland has taken Portlanders by storm. Featuring Saturday Night Live cast members, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, the show has become a hit. Those who watch it know why. Hilarious writing, quirky sub-plots, and appearances by celebrities such as, Steve Buscemi, Selma Blair and Jason Sudeikis.

What makes this all so fun and tied together for the traveler, is the fact that Portland’s thriving movie brewpubs have created just the spot for social gatherings to watch the show. The second season episodes began airing in January 2012.

Portlandia fantatics will be thrilled to learn that Portland’s mayor (who also guest starred in the show) proclaimed January 21, 2011 Portlandia Day. And, it was bound to happen… much like what the movie Sideways did for the wine country, Portlandia is doing for America’s number one biking capital. Portland Bike Tour and Rental Company  (http://www.portlandbicycletours.com) is offering up Portlandia themed biking tours.

For the traveler visiting Portland, hitting one of these movie brewpubs (whether to watch Portlandia or not) is a must-do adventure.

I’m typically not the type of traveler who relishes in getting to a movie while on a holiday, but the experience of sitting in cozy couches, eating great food, while drinking a dark beer on tap- brewed right there on the spot, is just my kind of heaven. Not to mention, the ticket prices aren’t bad, under $5.00 US for a first run movie, and on-tap specials are offered nightly.

How did this all come about? From the brilliance of two brothers who run the McMenamins Company. The company whose initial goal was to preserve local landmarks, successfully turned dilapidated buildings into the best of what entertainment has to offer, all the while- creating social spaces for the community.


Top Picks:

The Kennedy School 5736 NE 33rd Ave., Portland, OR 97211; 503-249-3983

The Mission 1624 NW Glisan St., Portland, OR 97209; 503-223-4527

The Bagdad 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214; 503-236-9234

To learn more: www.mcmenamins.com