Oh Goody, Good Stuff is here!

Oh Goody, Good Stuff is here!

We tasted-tested them. We loved them! Makes for a great travel and on-the-go snack!

Goody Good Stuff is an all-new natural gummy candy. It has taken the company over the last 15 years to develop a food technology that removes the gelatin from gummy sweets.

This makes these loveable gummy treats the first of its kind to bring to the market a truly vegan option (they won the Treat of the year at the Vegetarian Society Awards) by eliminating the need for animal-based gelatin, which most traditional gummy sweets use.

What we also appreciate here at Adventuregirl.com, is lack of artificial colors and flavors, and that they are flavored by natural fruit and vegetable extracts.

The company has also removed other harmful food additives and allergens such as gluten. They’re fat free; meat free; dairy free; alcohol free; gluten free; egg free; nut free; soy free and gelatin free. Phew.

They’re tasty, and we LOVE them!

Check out goodygoodstuff.com to find out more about this healthy snack alternative and where to find the, near you!