Oh, Behive!

Oh, Behive!

One of the best adventures I’ve ever experienced is at a place that was most unexpected– atop of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

I met chef David Garcelon in his bee’s garden. “The bees are happy today,” he enthusiastically states. “The sun is out, it’s hot so you won’t have to worry too much about getting stung.”

Well, thankfully they will be jovial little critters as I dress in the traditional beekeeper garb—a white jacket, gloves and a beekeeper hat with netting on the front so you can see. I learned that bees don’t like black. It makes them testy.

It’s quite a simple experience. You suit up, walk over to the hive, use a smoker to calm them, and then pull out the honey combs that contain a whole mess of bees and their honey.

“Oh look how happy they are!” exclaims our chef, expert of all things honeybee. “Look how much honey they have made because they are happy bees.”

We listened to Chef David’s bee facts, as he pulled each tray of dripping honeycomb out of the hive.

  • They only leave the hive approximately 3 miles in search of pollen, but return to the hive and their queen.
  • There is only one queen.
  • They live 6 or 7 weeks.
  • Once a bee dies in the colony, their bodies are thrown out of the hive.
  • Currently, only Tower Guests of the hotel can partake in this sweet rooftop garden adventure.

Here are some details on the package:

Priced at $1,800 per guest for Tower Guests, the outing will include one hour exploring the hives with a culinary team member, trained as beekeepers, followed by a three-course lunch of honey-infused dishes.

Guests can then choose from one of the Guerlain Spa’s signature treatments (Abeille Royale Youth Facial, Urban Island Escape and men’s Deep Tissue Massage) that incorporate a taste of the rooftop honey while being inspired by the honey ingredient.

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