Solo Women Travel: Three Safe Places for Women seeking Adventure

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By Stefanie Michaels

Solo Women Travel: Two Safe Places for Women seeking Adventure

I’ve traveled the world many times over and frequently alone. In a recent business meeting, a woman turned to me and said,

“I would love some suggestions from you as to where I would be safe traveling alone.”

One of my favorite destinations in the world is Ireland. It’s an emerald isle in every sense of the word, not only for its vibrant hues of green lushness but because it’s a truly magical place to visit.

Be prepared to drive this destination and see all you can while there. Don’t hesitate to stop into a pub, as locals are warm and friendly, and love to tell their hamlet’s tales passed down through the generations.

Ireland is perfect if you only have a short timeline from a long weekend to just a week (if that’s all you can spare). Start in Dublin for a night or two and then seek out adventures in the southeast, where ancient Viking towns of Waterford, Wexford, and Kilkenny are known as The Viking Triangle. Each city offers sites steeped in history and folklore dating back to 914. Medieval walls surround cobblestone streets in tiny villages. Leading seaports, which had flourished with international trading by Ireland’s European neighbors, under Norse control, now offer walking paths peppered with museums and shops.

It’s not just potatoes as a staple, but epicurean wonderments abound here. Quaint inns and boutique hotels are where visitors should consider accommodations, as they truly set the theme for this fantastic destination.

Iceland, known as “The Land of Fire & Ice” is also one of those places to rent a car and drive. Reykjavik, the capital, is where shopping, restaurants, and hotels can be the perfect place for base camp.

Thingvellir National Park is a site where visitors can stand on two contents at the same time. Visit with friendly Icelandic horses, who stand roadside and watch traffic go by in hopes someone will stop and pet them. Make sure to visit small fishing villages to dine on freshly caught seafood in tiny family-run cafes. The Blue Lagoon is a flourishing tourist trap, but an experience not to miss while on the island.

A visit to the northern lights, which typically can be best viewed late September to late March weather permitting, which Iceland is so famous for.

Food is good, and some places offer delicacies such as puffin and seal meat, so if you are an experimental foodie, this a place to check out.

Accommodations range from hostels to hotels and even an array of campsites, which are popular for Icelanders and visitors during summer months.

Switzerland is an expensive European destination, but for the solo woman traveler, its tops regarding safety, reliable train schedules, cleanliness, friendly people. It’s also a destination to experience three distinct culturally infused portions of the country– Swiss-German, Swiss-French and Swiss-Italian, with a small Romansh culture in the middle part of the country.

Famous for Swiss milk chocolate, cow-licks (friendly kissing cows sought after by the Instagram community) fabulous shopping everywhere, palatial hotels and of course those jawdropping snowcapped Alps year-round, there is something for the solo traveler.

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