Hot Site: Where to travel when?

Hot Site: Where to travel when?

The best place to visit when

In our ultimate quest to help you maximize your travel planning. We’re always seeking out great sites that we can pass on. Each site we choose, we hope can help you decipher things like where to go when.

We actually found a site that allows you to pick your month and based on weather, where you can or should travel to based on your needs.

Amazing, right.

So, we played with it. We chose December as a start. Here’s the information that came up. Also included on their site is a comprehensive list of global locations that work for the month you choose.

The best places to visit in December

In Europe, the Christmas holidays attract families in the winter to celebrate the holiday season: the Pyrenees in France and Spain, the Austrian Alps, Swiss and Italian are popular destinations. This is also the time of Christmas markets in many European cities such as Strasbourg, Munich and Brussels. Whatever your destination in Europe, you can expect cold and rain and the snow in the regions further north.

In Asia, it is the best time to visit Laos, with little rainfall and temperatures not too high. It is also more comfortable to travel in December in Bangladesh and to discover its beaches, archaeological sites and the kindness of its people. Good period for the Maldives in the middle of dry season, apart from the price spike which corresponds to an increased attendance. In Thailand, it rains less and the heat is not yet at its height, and you can enjoy the tranquility if you avoid the most tourists.

In Africa, Cameroon season saw the driest and warmest climate, only disturbed by the harmattan, a warm wind from the Sahara. Ditto for Senegal, where temperatures are quite pleasant. Côte d’Ivoire is also a perfect destination at the time. If you want to enjoy the beaches in winter, Seychelles is a place of dreams, but you’re not alone there and the prices soared during this period where affluent tourists.

In America, Mexico is a very popular this time of year, and all the Caribbean, Jamaica, Bahamas, Cuba and Caribbean, which are very popular during the holidays, due to very favorable climate that provides constant temperatures of around 28 ° C. If you do not fear the cold, you can go to New York to participate in the festivities of New Year in perfect agreement with the enormity of this megalopolis.

Avoid: Malaysia in the middle of its monsoon and winter rains plagued therefore supported Egypt, then very little sun and where the hotels are not always heated despite the very cool temperatures, and all of Europe east where the climate is harsh and unattractive.”

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