Female Road Warrior Resolutions

By Stefanie Michaels

It’s the New Year. For those of us who hit the road quite often, and or make traveling our priority above all else, we have goals and dreams to attend to for 2019. Our passion is to see the world and connect with others in different cultures to learn about life and most importantly, about ourselves. We aim to grow and to live our best lives.

We have resolutions like anyone else has.

Our resolutions might look a little bit different than most people think about. Sure, we might want to hit the gym more, or aspire to new heights by making changes in our lives like saying no to our vices, but what is it that women travelers might be promising themselves for this year?

I asked some fellow female road warriors about their aim for change in this “year of the pig” and this is what they shared.

1. Amy Hartle

This year, my travel goal is to visit the American West. Having grown up in the states and lived here for 32 years, I’ve still never been west of the Mississippi, and I’m dying to lay my eyes on those classic American desert landscapes, Pacific sunsets, and towering redwoods. I want to explore an essential part of the American mythology. My goal for the year is to Go West, like so many other adventurers before me.

Amy HarrieTwo Drifters (https://twodrifters.us)


2. Aly Walansky

My resolution is to get better about packing snacks for the airport or plane. sometimes I get lazy and buy snacks at the airport or on a flight – it’s expensive and SO bad for you! Taking 10 minutes to prep a snack before I go will make a big difference!

Aly Walanskyhttp://instagram.com/alywalansky

3. Jenn Coleman

My resolution for 2019 is to not let my emotions stand in the way of adventure.

I started 2019 by conquering a massive fear of mine, when I went diving with bull sharks in Mexico. I was 90′ down in the ocean, surrounded by sharks with no cage. I couldn’t sleep for two days before the dive, but once I was in the water with these beautiful creatures, everything felt right.

I am finishing January by traveling north of the Arctic Circle to embed with a tribe of Sami reindeer herders. There will be no sunrises or running water, but hopefully, a sky filled with northern lights and wonderful people. This will be the first snow I have seen in nine years. I lived for skiing and skied professionally for my entire life until my knees gave out at 38. I left the mountains for the desert to get two new knees and keep snow out of my mind. I am done letting fears and sadness keep me from the beauty of this world, and I am ready to embrace adventure in 2019.


4. Abbie Synan

As a digital nomad, I feel like I’m often putting such an emphasis on the “solo” part of female travel. While I love the opportunity to travel on my own, this year one of my resolutions is to spend more time with my friends & family. I’m trying to incorporate some of my loved ones on a few of my journeys this year. Making more meaningful memories in 2019 with people I care about!

AbbiesTwitterIGFB & Website

5. Rachel Hill

“My travel resolutions for 2019 is to do more exploring of Europe! Specifically, I want to explore more of Cyprus, Montenegro, Croatia, and the surrounding areas! I am also going to explore more of Germany since everyone raves about Berline! I’ve been to several countries but I legit want to do another backpacking trek through several countries in the summer!”


6. Vanessa Gordon

My New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to travel to as many destinations as I am able, with a focus on learning about as many local cuisine profiles as possible. So far, my travel for 2019 is taking me to Australia, Mexico, Cuba, England, and to several destinations within the United States. In Melbourne and Sydney, I will be visiting a few wildlife sanctuaries and habitats. I also hope to book a trip to Lapland, Finland, and the Caribbean.

I am so excited especially because this year I have my new airport lounge card which allows me to visit dozens of airport lounges around the world, and perhaps that is another goal: to visit as many of those as possible.

Vanessa Gordon@eastendtaste and @hamptonsinteractivebrunch

7. Taylor Taverna

My New Year Resolution is to go on at least one trip a month!
I am super excited to revisit a few of my favorite countries in Europe, such as Spain and Portugal, and to explore Indonesia again as I host my first adventure retreat. It is also important for me to visit some new destinations this year! Top of my list are Tanzania, Bolivia, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand!

Taylor TavernaInstagram @taylortaverna

8. Melissa Corbin

Everyone has their own unique perspective. To look through their lens is what urges me forward in what could easily be considered the most transformative era of my life. What perspective does for my motivation, travel does for my transformation. It’s not easy–– change, that is. This year I intend on celebrating this new life I’ve built for myself as a newly single woman traveling the second half of her life solo. By finding joy not only from within but also what joy looks like around the world, I hope to urge others forward with my stories.

melissa-corbintwitter @mdcorbin
Insta @melcorbin
Facebook @CorbinInTheDell

9. Megan Eileen McDonough

As a frequent traveler, I’m well aware that I’m leaving quite a carbon footprint on the world by seeing so much of it. I’d like to find a way to offset this, maybe by consuming less meat, flying fewer times but staying longer in each destination, or supporting a carbon-offset provider.

megan-eileenSocial links: 
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10. Brittnie Anderson

My 2019 travel resolution is to spend more time connecting with local women as I travel. To make this world a little smaller and easier by connecting through the universal experiences we share simply because we are women. I want to spend this year spreading love and reaffirming worth and beauty to women around the world.

brittnie andersonBlog: www.yokococo.com
IG: @brittnienicole@goyokococo

11. Abi King

My travel resolution for 2019 is to really stop and pay more attention to the stories behind the food I find on the road. 2018 opened my eyes (and taste buds) to so many new flavors even in places I’d already explored before, like Europe and the US.

There was the hot cheese balls of Sciat and bresaola ham served high in the snowy mountains outside Milan. The crumbly, sweet or savory, gofio in the Canary Islands. And even meeting the grandson of the man who invented fried clams in New England.

All great stories, all great flavors. It’s something I’m going to concentrate on more this year as I travel.

Abi Kingwww.insidethetravellab.com

12. Lavanya Sunkura

Some of my most memorable experiences have been from trips where I was completely immersed in the culture. I love spending time with and meeting new people, and learning about their hopes and dreams. In 2019, I hope to do more immersive traveling — whether it be through a tour that only hires local guides, a program that sets me up with a local family, or a chance to learn about communities that are succeeding in conservation and sustainable tourism efforts. I also want to learn Spanish, so hopefully I will find opportunities that can meet all of these goals.

lavanya sunkara

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