Follow the Olympic Torch London 2012

Follow the Olympic Torch London 2012

Have you seen the Olympic Torch traveling through London in the lead-up to the London 2012 Olympic Games?

Fast Facts for The Olympic Torch, and icon in and of itself!

1. The Olympic Torch travels across the UK for 70 days before arriving at the Olympic Stadium for the start of the Olympic Games.

2. A total of 8,000- yep, that’s EIGHT thousand Torchbearers will carry the Torch through more than 1,000 communities.

3.  There’s often unusual methods of getting the Olympic torch to navigate through the pass off points, and transport options used, include horse, steam train and even zip wire.

4. The Torch arrived in London on July 21, 2012 to welcoming fans.

5. The Torch is passing through ALL of London’s boroughs on its way to the Olympic Stadium.


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Source/Image: VisitLondon