AG: TopGolf

Stef Micheals TopGolf Crush

by Stefanie Michaels

Have you ever played TopGolf?

I have just experienced something so fun, I mean so incredibly fun, that I can’t wait to do it again. I mean, I’m just not that girl that picks up sports and wants to do it over and over. That’s not the case with TopGolf.

I was invited to partake in a co-hosted event in San Francisco with Hertz and TopGolf, called TopGolf Crush. TopGolf took over AT&T Park and kicked off an adult-type playground for golf enthusiasts and their friends.


Topgolf is a global sports entertainment community with locations throughout the North America, Australia, UAE, and the UK. Players can group together—I was with 5 other people in my team. Skill levels can vary. Golf balls are microchipped and score themselves, giving you and your teammates instant feedback on each shot’s accuracy and distance. Players aim for large inflatable targets on an outfield below. The farther the shot goes and the closer to a target, the more points each player gets.

Don’t let the gaming part fool you, there are players there to win their personal best! I on the other hand, finally resorted to throwing my golf balls, due to lack of actually hitting one with my clubs!

For the non-golfer, it’s also so much fun. Throughout the venue I found Skee Ball, which I could play relatively ok, putting games and basketball. hero-image-stef-michaels-top-golf-v3There was also great music played by a local DJ and food venues ranged from pizza to burgers and hotdogs, a full-service bar and lounge areas with flat panels.

I’m determined at the next TopGolf event, I will actually hit those golf balls instead of just throwing them.

Off I go to my first golf lesson!

Where can I play TopGolf next? ß- ( insert on TopGolf)

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