8 Great: Ways to Discover the Real Algarve


A favored destination for sun seekers, the Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region has so much more than just good weather to offer visitors! Looking for great surfing, wine tasting, or famous beaches? Here’s how to get the very best out of your trip to this beautiful corner of Europe.

1. Stand at the End of the World

Cape St. Vincent is the most south-western point of continental Europe. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed it was here the sun sank into the ocean, making in the end of the known world. Standing on the windswept cliff edge, it’s not hard to see how it really did feel like there was nothing beyond your feet.

2. Go Wild with West Coast Adventures

Join TJ on his one of a kind, hand crafted adventure tours where you will walk, hike, climb and explore the real Algarve, way out in its rugged west coast. Including a sunset picnic with local produce and wine, this unique adventure will be the highlight of your trip!

3. Go Surfing!

The Algarve is home to some of the best surfing in Europe, suitable for beginner and experienced surfers alike. With both south and west facing coasts, the region is perfectly placed to pick up the best Atlantic swells from any direction. Stay at Bura Surfhouse in Lagos for the friendly vibes, cheap beers and great food and a wealth of activities including rooftop yoga with Miri and scenic bike tours with Big Kev.

4. Go on a Sea Cave Safari!

The Algarve is famous for its beautiful sea scenery- sea caves and hollows which have formed over hundreds of years to produce an awe inspiring coastal landscape. For the best view, you have to get out on the water. Take a kayak tour or a stand up paddle board at sunset to see the best of this beautiful coastline.

5. Sample some organic wine at Monte De Casteleja

Historically a large wine producer, it’s only in recent years Portugal has been getting due attention for the quality of its wine. Visit Monte De Casteleja vinyard and let winegrower Guillame take you through the entire process, finishing off with a sampling of red, white and rose wines accompanied by some scrumptious local delicacies!

6. Explore Charming Burgau

Once a sleepy fishing village, Burgau has still managed to retain its authentic charm, despite the recent influx of tourists. The centre of the village still has the same white washed cottages and winding cobbled streets that afford glimpses of sandy coves and fishermen mending their nets. Come here to chill out, eat some fresh seafood and experience the real Algarve lifestyle.

7. Walk from Lagos to Luz

Walk from beautiful Porto de Mos beach outside of Lagos to the pretty whitewashed village of Luz. This 7 mile walk takes you past stunning coastal scenery, over beautiful cliffs along by secret beaches. Stop at Luz for a rejuvenating lunch before ambling back to Lagos.

8. Get adventurous with Papagaio Powerkiting

The Algarve is the place to be adventurous with amazing options for hiking, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking and biking! But for something a little different, try power kiting with Papagaio. Less intimidating than kitesurfing on the water, this fast, fun beach activity a power kiting session is sure to be a memorable part of your trip!

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