European Road Trip: Normany, France

European Road Trip: Normany, France


Are you looking for somewhere to visit this Fall?  Look no farther than Autumn in France. Normandy, in fact.

Normandy is where you should be to take in beautiful scenery, food and historical locales.  October is spectacular with the variety of colors of the season that have inspired famous artists throughout the years. It’s also a perfect place for a European road trip.

If you like the changing of the leaves, then The Deauville coastline drive is a must do adventure while visiting Normandy.

Normandy’s beaches are historical. They were the military landing points during WWII. War history buffs will appreciate the many memorials honoring the battle of Normandy.

Keep driving onto the tiny town of Bayeux. Bayeux was built around the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, which houses the 200-foot long Bayeux Tapestry. Another stop is Giverny, where French impressionist painter Claude Monet made his home.

The “Flowered Coast” has three picturesque towns.

Deauville is where the jet set live and play- luxe hotels, casinos, golf courses and polo grounds. One of the hotels to spend a night or two, was built by the famous French film-producer, Claude Lelouch. He created Les Manoirs de Tourgeville, a beautiful hotel, which captures the beauty and tranquility of the region. Set in the Normandy countryside, the hotel oozes authentic rural French charm and offers up local specialties at the restaurant “1899” .

Take a day to visit the much quieter fishing village of Trouville. It is separated from Deauville by the Touques river and is close enough to the action, but far enough away for visitors to enjoy a more sedate atmosphere and beautiful sandy beaches.

Don’t miss the 11th century town, Honfleur- a harbor village where Monet and Baudelaire among many impressionists spent time.

Continue your road trip onto Mont-St. Michel, which has the second most visited place in France after the Eiffel Tower. What’s the draw? The Abbey of Mont-St. Michel, which sits atop of a 264-foot high rocky islet.