Brooke’s Four Places to Travel for Delicious, Inexpensive Food

Peruvian Ceviche for

By Brooke Constance-White

Most of us want to see the world, right? And if you’re a foodie like me, a huge part of seeing the world is experiencing the tastes and smells of a country. But it can be hard when you need to get a side hustle just to pay for all the food you want to enjoy when you travel. So what if I told you there are countries you can travel to where you could experience a culture’s authentic food for a fraction of what you’d pay to eat out here in the United State? It’s true! I’ve traveled quite a bit and believe me, I get it! You want to make your money go farther so you can travel longer but those amazing Nutella crepes or ratatouille are just calling your name… So maybe you just need to travel to certain places so you can live it up and experience all the foods that country has to offer.

Here are some of my suggestions:


By far one of the coolest places in the world! And a great place to experience a little bit of everything from busy city life in Denpasar to the low key beach living of Seminyak to mountainous Ubud. And if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ll fit right into the culture. From the freshly squeezed watermelon juice to the the jackfruit deserts to the sweet/spicy tempeh, it’s all so good and so inexpensive. You can go out for a three course meal for around $10.


Similarly to Bali, there are lots of vegetarian/vegan options. Some of the best food is from food trucks and street vendors. Personally, I loved getting a whole coconut to hydrate for only $1 and a bag of fresh fruit with spicy salt to dip it in for 50 cents. As you’d imagine, the pad thai and glass noodles are to-die for! Find the little out-of-the-way places and go there for a quick, cheap meal. Most places offer $2 or $3 meals.

The Azores

Even though the Azores are a part of Europe, the islands don’t have that same uber-expensive vibe. Maybe it’s the fresh sea air or the fact that they are separated from the rest of the continent, I don’t know, but the cost of living (and food) is much lower than anywhere else in Europe. Don’t forget to try their cheese and wine – it’s what they’re most known for. And the seafood doesn’t get much fresher – pretty much right off the boat. Also, there are places where they cook bury pots and let the food cook using geothermal heat – how cool is that?!


Peru has great food. Ever had mashed plantains? Tastes like candy. Peruvian ceviche is pretty amazing as well. Tamales are another great item to get from street vendors in Peru. Although much of their food has Latin roots, there are many restaurants serving food from all over. But since you’re in Peru, stick with Peruvian food. Who knows when you’ll have another chance to have authentic Peruvian food? Plus, it’s always best at the source.

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Bio: Brooke Constance White is a freelance writer/blogger living in coastal Rhode Island. She’s a lover of cooking, traveling, gardening, reading and swimming in the ocean and has written for Eating Well Magazine, the Edible Communities, Patch, among others. Follow her adventures on her Instagram @brookiecw.