Adventure Girl Celebrates New Years in Argentina with Myspacers

Adventure Girl Celebrates New Years in Argentina with Myspacers

Los Angeles, CA–December 15, 2006 — Adventure Girl Stefanie Michaels loves MySpace, not to mention has a soft place in her heart for her MySpace friends, all 8,000 plus of them. Michaels set out to have them help her plan this years holiday travels for her travel group, by asking for travel advice from locals in Argentina and Uruguay, as well as reaching out to her MySpace friends who had recently returned from the areas.

Michaels’ had been familiar with both areas and heard of Naomi Campbell’s partying in Montevido a few years back. When consulting with her travel group, Buenos Aires and Punta del Este (a city next door to Montevideo), were the choice areas for the group’s next adventures. “It was then, that I began talking with my MySpace friends to really find out facts,” Michaels adds.

“There are two reasons why I chose to utilize the knowledge of my fabulous global MySpace friends to help me plan my travel group’s adventures this year,” says Michaels. “The first being, that I love to learn about the world from an insider’s perspective- who knows better than someone who has all ready been there, or actually resides there; and secondly because I wanted to give the rest of my MySpacer’s accurate information they can take along with them for their own adventures — info that you don’t always receive from a travel entity sitting behind a desk in let’s say Nebraska, who has never stepped into another country before and lastly — because I love keeping my MySpacer’s involved and a part of what I do”.

Michaels plans to share her daily adventures in a blog, video and photo journal from, by nightly updates to her site. “I can’t wait to share my adventures on the spot with my MySpace friends,” states Michaels, “as well as I will be sharing photos of me and MySpace friends I actually get to meet there- some of them that have been helping in the planning”.

Michaels’ will be gathering information from her South American adventures and including them into her second book in her Adventure Girl’s Guide series due out late 07.

In the meantime, Michaels wishes her fans around the world this: “Cheers to New Years 2007, MySpace and all my fabulous MySpace friends who helped make this all happen!” You can follow Michaels’ travels beginning December 22nd through January 3rd on MySpace. Do we hear TV Show?

More about Stefanie Michaels:
Travel expert Stefanie Michaels is known around the globe as Adventure Girl®. Michaels seeks out destinations to report on for magazines such as Women’s Health and Fitness and Elite Traveler Magazine, newspapers, network television outlets, her popular website, MySpace site: adventuregirltv, and the Adventure Girl® series of high-end adventure books. Michaels is a branded travel personality and online celebrity with 1.5 billion downloads and counting.