TRAVEL: So Travel DOES Make Us Happier!

TRAVEL: So Travel DOES Make Us Happier!


Less Stuff, More Vacations Brings Happiness

We had a hunch all along: a recent article in the New York Times makes the case that leisure time, not consumer goods, is the key to lasting happiness.

New research finds that experiences— such as travel, being with friends, a day at the ballpark—purchase the most happiness bang for the buck. Acquiring possessions, by contrast, is an endless, un-fulfilling  cycle, the studies show.

If unbridled acquisition results in clutter and deflated hopes, while travel with friends and family creates joy and enduring satisfaction—happiness, in other words—what are you waiting for?

“Only one component of consumption is positively related to happiness—leisure consumption.” DeLeire, University of Wisconsin; Kalil, University of Chicago

“It’s better to go on a vacation than buy a new couch.” Dunn, Van Boven and Gilovich, Harvard University.

Thank you to Asia TransPacific Journeys for this information! We love it!