Private Yacht Charters with Ed Hamilton & Co

Private Yacht Charters with Ed Hamilton & Co

Sail into Summer in the Caribbean

Private Yacht Charters with Ed Hamilton & Co

Many people still believe the popular myth that the best, even only, time to cruise the Caribbean is in the winter. This misconception stems from the need many of us have to escape the snow-covered northern two-thirds of the continent during the winter months.

The reality is that the sailing conditions typically hit their prime starting in April, and the smooth sailing continues on well into Summer. In contrast to the very windy winter months, the spring and summer brings more gentle breezes and calmer seas that create perfect conditions for easy sailingand relaxed exploration of pristine anchorages. And the chance of disruptive tropical weather doesn’t become notable until later in August as the season winds down.

Chartering your own yacht, either sail or power, is a unique way to discover the Caribbean islands with the freedom to cruise at your own pace and set your own itinerary. The options are almost limitless: from smaller, intimate yachts best suited to honeymooners to large luxury yachts with the utmost in amenities, and even bareboats – smaller yachts you sail yourself.

Ed Hamilton & Cooffers both crewed and bareboat charters worldwide, and arranges more Caribbean charters for its customers than any other independent agency in North America. They specialize in matching the right crew and boat to their customer. Founded in 1982, they were recently named one of the 112 best travel agents in the US by CondeNaste Traveler for the 6th year running.

Sailing in the spring and summer also brings savings, making a private yacht charter quite accessible, even for the family summer vacation. All inclusive crewed yacht charters start at around $1700 per person per week and range up to $10,000 and more. If you’re feeling more salty and adventuresome, bareboat yachts range from $375 to $3000 per person per week.

For more information, full yacht listings, destination information, and latest special offers, please visit or call 800-621-7855.