Massachusetts: American Artist Sets Out to Paint History

Massachusetts: American Artist Sets Out to Paint History

January 30, 2009 proofMy friend, artist, Michael Raucheisen, a Baltimore artist now living in Massachusetts, has been painting history, one day at a time.

Since January 1, 2009, the artist has been traveling the world, creating one abstract painting every day based on a dream he had after a near fatal car accident in 2006.

On the back of each painting he has been inscribing the highlights of the day€™s events in his life and throughout the world. When complete, he hopes to create a time capsule with the 365 paintings including a retrospective of art and history for 2009.

The project is nearly complete, with over 350 paintings and even more memories scattered throughout his home.

Many of the paintings have already been sold for special birthdays, anniversaries or other meaningful days in people’s lives, others are still available for purchase, consignment or as a donation to charity.

He’s planning to show the complete collection in early 2010

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