I learned a lot working with CapitalOne360.com!

I learned a lot working with CapitalOne360.com!

As we enter into the 4th of July celebrations happening all over the country, I wanted to roundup a media tour I recently did this past Monday (June 30th) for CapitalOne360.com.

Not only did I get to be in one of my fave places on the planet, NYC, I also had a blast talking to more than 30 radio and TV stations across the USA!

I learned a ton about the company, and also found out (for me this is so important) that they do not have any foreign transaction fees. A key perk for someone like me, since traveling is what I do for a living.

So, here’s some information below that I mentioned on-air on Monday.

Here’s the breakdown!
• In honor of the July 4th holiday, I’m partnering with Capital One 360 for their Financial Independence Days Sale.
• In a recent Capital One 360 survey, more than half of Americans said they wanted freedom from money worries this July 4. In fact, money worries trumped traffic gridlock!
• With offers like $76 for every new checking or savings account, Capital One 360 is helping people get on the path to discovering financial freedom.
• To learn more about Capital One 360’s Financial Independence Days Sale, go to Capital One 360 DOT COM, SLASH independence! Here’s the link: capitalone360.com/independence.

• Everyone’s idea of financial success is different. Capital One 360 is committed to helping people pursue their financial freedom – that place where they feel financially free to pursue their dreams, whether it’s travel, adventure, or time with family… which is what the 4th should be all about.
• Every year, Capital One 360 holds a Financial Independence Days Sale, which rewards people for stepping out on the path to pursuing their financial success milestones
• The sale runs for 3 days (Monday, July 1 to Wednesday, July 3) and has offers to help people jump start their financial independence and savings plans.
• Since this sale is all about promoting financial freedom, Capital One 360 wanted to take a look at what this phrase actually means to Americans.
• In the survey, they asked Americans what they would like freedom from this July 4th
o More than half indicated they would rather be free from their financial worries than the holiday’s typical gridlock traffic, long lines and mosquito bites!
• What is financial freedom?,
o Nearly half (44%) said it means freedom from debt
o More than one-quarter (26%) said it means having enough saved for emergencies.
• When asked what they would do if they achieved financial freedom,
o Traveling the world (24%) and
o Retiring early (22%) topped the list.
o Interestingly, 91% said they would change their lifestyle if they achieved financial freedom by doing things like spending more time with friends and family, being more adventurous or crossing something off their bucket list.

Deal highlights include:
• Open a 360 Savings Account and receive $76 toward your savings goals.
• Open a 360 Checking Account and earn a bonus of $100 for 5 debit card transactions and/or any CheckMate deposits within 45 days of starting the account.
o CheckMate is a mobile deposit tool (just take a picture of the check and deposit it) that allows customers to deposit money at home or on the go.
o Customers also have a chance to double their deposits during the promotion and through July 18. Make a deposit using CheckMate and you will be entered for a chance to double that check amount, up to $3,000.
o For those on Twitter, you can also follow @capitalone360, tweet what you’d love to double using #DoubleYourDough and @capitalone360 for a chance to win $2000.

• During Financial Independence Days, Capital One 360 will put $76 into your new Capital One 360 Savings Account.
o Capital One 360’s goal is to make saving and banking easier, helping people save time and money with direct access to their bank accounts anytime, anywhere.