Beijing’s Futuristic Galaxy Soho

Beijing’s Futuristic Galaxy Soho

photo 2The Galaxy Soho is an impressive architectural marvel that sits on East 2nd Ring Road in Beijing. A complex designed by Laureate Pritzker Prize winning architect, Zaha Hadid, adds to the city’s already interesting cityscape.

A destination to visit when in the city, it is located in the Dongzhimen transportation hub, linking visitors to a multitude of bus routes as well as Subway lines and is conveniently accessible to the airport and the ring roadnetwork, with an underground access point connecting to subway entrances and exits.

A series of bridges connect four elliptical towers inspired by the ancient Chinese terraced rice fields, and the mountains that surround them.

The whole complex, which look like something from the future, creates an interesting flow throughout the 3.6 million square feet of space comprised of office spaces, shops, entertainment areas, restaurants and coffee shops.

7A Xiao Pai Fang Hutong,
Dongcheng District, Beijing

Photos: Zaha Hadid Architects