Bed Bugs: This Year’s Uninvited Holiday Guest

Bed Bugs: This Year’s Uninvited Holiday Guest


A guest more unwelcome than that crazy uncle, bedbugs invade homes for a holiday meal of their own

Every year, we open our homes to spend the holidays with close friends and family. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, millions of people travel by plane, train or automobile to spend time with their loved ones. But in addition to clean sheets and towels, holiday hosts should also prepare their homes for an unexpected visitor known to hitchhike with travelers: bed bugs.

Bed bugs cling to baggage, backpacks and clothing, and have been found on airplanes, in hotels and on buses. Travelers are easily susceptible to the pests without even knowing it. And once they are brought into a home, it can be extremely difficult and costly to get rid of them.

While bed bugs are not known to carry diseases, the psychological impact of having a home infested with bloodsucking little creatures can be just as damaging. Moreover, bed bugs are becoming immune to sprays and chemicals that were once thought to be an effective method of eradication. Luckily, there are a number of steps hosts can take in order to keep their homes safe from bed bugs this holiday season.

Before guests arrive, reduce clutter and vacuum floors, rugs and curtains. Also, encase every mattress, box spring and pillow with protectors that feature bed bug proof fabric and reinforced seams and zippers.

Entomologist-tested AllergyLuxe® Bed Bug Barrier Protectors effectively keep bed bugs out so hosts can do what matters most- enjoy the company of their guests.


The entomologist-tested AllergyLuxe ARM & HAMMER Bed Bug Barrier line features reinforced seams and micro-zipper technology that guarantee the most secure encasement and protection from bed bug infestations. Additionally, the line features ARM & HAMMER odor neutralizing technology; an innovative antimicrobial shield which helps prevent mold, mildew and bacteria to effectively reduce odors. The line includes mattress protectors, pillow protectors, and box spring protectors. The AllergyLuxe ARM & HAMMER Bed Bug Barrier line is available at Bed Bath & Beyond® stores nationwide and at


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