8Great: Unique Father’s Day Gifts

8Great: Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Is Father’s Day harder to shop for than Mother’s Day for you? Does dad end up buying himself a new fishing pole, golf balls or shirt the week before, leaving you furiously combing the internet for inspiration? If so, here’s our 8 great recommendations that might have you win Child of the Year award.

  1. Boardwalk Food Co (BoardwalkFoodCo.com)

Does dad love beer? Does he also love pretzels? Than what better gift than the gift of beer IN pretzels. Boardwalk Craft Beer Pretzel Mixes are so easy to make, even if he’s not good in the kitchen, he make himself. Pair with his favorite beer and you’re gonna be kid of the year. $7.99

  1. Portland Growler Company (www.portlandgrowlercompany.com)

Speaking of beer, Portland Growler Company has growlers of all shapes and sizes. You can even personalize them so Dad knows it’s his fresh beer and no one else can drink it! Prices start around $58

  1. GO PUCK (www.gopuck.com)

Is dad on the go? Does he like to record every moment while he’s going? If so, he needs (not just wants) mobile freedom. GO PUCK wearable power can give him that. One wearable to charge all your other devices including iPhones, tablets and GoPros. $59-99

  1. Ella Bing (www.ellabing.com)

Ties are so last season. This year it’s all about the bow tie. And if your Father is hip, stylish and cool he will totally dig these one of a kind, hand crafted, unique wooden bow ties. $85-$125

  1. Stablizer (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stabylizr/stabylizr-your-gopro-camera-stabilizer)

Check out this tiny gimbal that effortlessly turns your GoPro into a kick-ass steadycam. It only has a few weeks left on Kickstarter, so get your Father’s Day shopping done soon. $91

  1. Bluetooth Tracking Fob (http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/bluetooth-tracking-tag)

Stop giving dad grief about losing his stuff. This tracking tag will solve that problem for keys, phone, wallet – everything! $40

  1. Qello (www.qello.com)

Give the gift of music. Have dad watch his favorite concerts from his phone, computer, iPad in privacy. So when he plays Brittany Spears, no one will have to know. Subscriptions start at $39.99

  1. Popcorn Popper (http://bit.ly/1skk6aW)

This is advertised as the must have for camping – but we think it’s a must have period. How fun dad would have popping popcorn on the grill. And the kids would definitely gather round that fire. $25