Wellness Adventure In Bavarian Salt Crystal Cave

Wellness Adventure In Bavarian Salt Crystal Cave


Shortly after 10 pm, a dozen adventurers from around the world carefully navigate dimly lit tunnels on an electric mine train. “Watch your heads! says our guide.”

Destination: a cave 700 meters in the Bavarian Alps. A dozen miles or so from composer Mozart’s birthplace- Salzburg, Austria, also the nearest airport to our salt cave destination.

One of less than a handful open to the public in the world, this salt crystal cave is said to have special powers enhancing well being. We’ll spend the night there and find out.

In times past, bloody battles were fought over the massive salt deposits in this area – for control over the “white gold.” Thankfully, today’s battles here are confined to winning over stress and chronic conditions.

Our guide explains, “This salt grotto immerses us in energy of millions of tons of salt from the original ocean on Earth, 250 million years ago. Salts ability to shelter us from outside influences, including radiation, helps us de-stress, can help to activate self-healing powers and enhance relaxation.”

The wood floored cavern reminds me of a huge sauna, roughly the size of a tennis court. Indirect lighting adds to a womb-like ambiance. Mother Nature keeps the temperature at a constant 12 degrees (C), night and day, all year.

As we settle into sleeping bags on wooden cots, we feel a hint of sole ( ‘so-lay’, water & salt ) in the air and enjoy gentle sounds invoked from a Tibetan metal bowl by our guide – backed by the gurgle of a sole fountain in the center of the cave.

We’re advised to direct our awareness to the salt energy, we soon drift off into a dreamy state…and a few hours later awaken to the chimes of another Tibetan bowl ‘sound massage’. It’s morning, time to return to the outside world.

Back on the surface, we celebrate our salt adventure over breakfast. How does it feel, a night in a salt cave? “Great, I had my mental ‘batteries recharged,” says a silver haired gentleman, “and not tired, though I stayed awake most of the time.”

How do you explain phenomena like this? Does the salt in our body resonate with salt in this cave, even receive beneficial ‘information’ on some level? According to a German scientist and author, this possibility may not be as far-fetched as it may sound.