The Traveling iGeneration

The Traveling iGeneration

Gen Z, the newest travelers with $140 billion purchasing power, some of those dollars being planted into the travel industry, these new-found adventure seekers are into “experiential” travel versus simply booking an average holiday of sitting on a beach somewhere taking in the sun.


Gen Z habits and trends for booking travel tend to start with socializing in the digital media marketplace, so they can determine the best ideas for their needs. TikTok is now the place they are using to find short-form travel videos, but don’t put past them to check out top travel influencers online and on platforms such as the still relevant Instagram, Insta-stories and YouTube.

What sets the GenZ-ers apart from “Mils”–the generation just before them, is the impact of conservation choices—not to say that all Mils aren’t into eco-awareness travel or voluntourism, it’s just that the GenZ crowd tends to live in this space. They tend to want to choose work holidays for a greater good, such as working with NGO programs, animal rescues and will typically choose sustainable options in eco-accommodations versus a-typical hotel bookings.

They like to be connected to Wi-Fi to share their adventures, as the rest of us do, but in a more exclusive “only to their friends” versus trying to create the next “travel brand” or become the next “influencer” in the space. They are interested in off the beaten track experiences, and tend to want to choose a homestay with locals to imbed into a culture to learn deeply about the destination they are traveling in.

Top destinations the GenZ culture likes to experience, are National Parks in the U.S. Being active and seeing nature is important. These locales include places like Utah, Wyoming and the Northern California Coast.

Our neighbor to the north, Canada offers various adventures from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Skiing and hiking are favorites when this iGeneration pick a Canadian destination.

Other favored destinations are European destinations. Spain, Italy and Romania have some of the best hostels in the world, and due to this deal savvy generation, these three locals work best. However, not far behind are Poland. Germany.

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