The Road to Carmadeggon: The Bridge That Caused it All

The Road to Carmadeggon: The Bridge That Caused it All

Below you’ll find images of the bridge at Mulholland Drive from July 15, 2011 1:00pm. The final hours of the bridge intact.

July 15, 2011. The dreadful day where we Angelinos wondered what it will be.

Carmageddon is here.

The 405- forever changed. A reflection of the cities growth? Poor Cal-trans decisions? After all, what about other transportation options, right?

Will it cripple L.A.? Will it go so smoothly?  Others have quipped, nah- it won’t be so bad, and   “Since the 10 freeway closure after the last earthquake went so well…” said one reporter.

All speculation aside. Los Angeles will have to come to grips with, and inevitably grumble about it to friends and family- heck even a stranger or two, that it’s happening.

After all, we’re a car culture, like it or not, and this “freeway thing” is about to go down.

Within a couple hours speculation aside…



Entering onto Mulholland Bridge

DSCN7102View on the Mulholland Bridge

View from Mulholland Bridge overlooking the 405 Freeway