Tahiti: THE Place to shop for Black Pearls

Tahiti: THE Place to shop for Black Pearls

Tahitian Cultured “Black” Pearls…

Blackpearls1Since the end of the 1980s, the Tahitian cultured pearl has become the major export item of French Polynesia. In 1995 alone, the territory had exported approximately 3 tons of pearls. These beautiful “jewels” of Tahitian grown mother-of-pearl oysters (with black lips), are only found in the lagoons of Polynesia.

The warm lagoons of the islands are among the most perfect on earth for this species of oyster due to the temperature, density, salinity, light, and ideal climate. Commonly known as “Black Pearls,” Tahitian Cultured Pearls range widely in pricing, size, shape and color.

Colors range from the darkest black to shimmering shades of green, blue, bronze, eggplant, and even pink – which is why the traditional name of “Black Pearls” has now been replaced with, “Tahitian Cultured Pearls”.

With first-hand expertise and infinite selection of dozens of major pearl retailers on all the islands, visitors quickly discover that this is the best place in the world to learn about (and shop for) pearls. Visitors are encouraged to visit merchants during their stay to learn how to judge the quality and style in order to help determine their own preference.

Tahitian pearls can be found throughout the islands in local shops, in hotels and resorts and aboard cruise ships. There are pearl showrooms on the islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea; as well as family pearl farms on many of the islands including Huahine, Taha’a, and throughout the Tuamotu Archipelago.

The most well known island for pearl production is the island of Manihi, which has been aptly dubbed, “The Pearl Island”.