Switzerland: It’s Twins for Bern’s Bear Park

Switzerland: It’s Twins for Bern’s Bear Park

Media release

A New Addition to Bern’s Bear Park Family

“Björk” and “Finn,” the two residents of Bern’s Bear Park, recently became the proud parents of

twins. The two bear cubs were born in mid-December and have already reached a height of 30

centimeters and a weight of 3.5 kilograms. If the bear cubs turn out to be a male and a female – as

is suspected – they will be christened Berna and Urs.

Björk, the mother bear, retreated into one of the BearPark caves in November 2009 for her winter sleep.

As we now know, she was not just going to rest but to give birth to the BearPark’s first bear cubs. The last

time Bern welcomed a new cub was in 1992 in the old Bear Pit.

The Mother Bear Decides

In the weeks following her move to the BearPark in October 2009, Björk prepared her nest with grass

mats and bags of cane hay that were offered to her. The female brown bear was rarely spotted outside

after that – and now we know why.

Björk is now leaving her cave more often, and it is expected that she will be leading her cubs on their first

expedition through the park within the coming weeks. Only she can decide when the time is right. Park

visitors are asked to enjoy this first appearance of the bear cubs quietly and not to taunt them, cheer at

them or try to lure them. Even the cubs’ father, Finn, will be spending the next few months in his own part

of the park – and with good reason. Since bears do not develop paternal instincts, Finn would think the

little ones are “good enough to eat!”

Names Have Already Been Chosen

The sex of the two bear cubs is not yet confirmed. Bears typically give birth to twin cubs, generally pairs.

If it is determined that the pair of cubs really consists of a male and a female – as suspected – their

names will be Berna and Urs.