5 things to purge from your closet

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5 things to purge from your closet

With the new year comes new promises. Better eating, better living, better relationships.

One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, is a better closet.
As a designer with years in the business, I always say show me your closet, I’ll show you your life.
We get dressed every day, why shouldn’t our wardrobe invigorate and empower us?
No matter the size or style of your closet, there are a few things you can do to reorganize and renew , and

it all begins with legging go.


Here are 5 things to purge from your closet this month.

1.Self -doubt

Having dressed thousands of women and some of the biggest names in Hollywood,
I can count on one hand only over the years, the number of women who didn’t find something wrong
with themselves when looking in the mirror.
Improvement is all about empowerment. It’s ok to want to improve things, but we have to start
loving ourselves exactly as we are now. Your closet should be a daily reminder of that.
Front and center in your wardrobe should be the items that embolden and invigorate,
reminding you who you are, and what you’re here to do.
Those pieces that make you doubt, shrink, dim, they need to go.
Always have at arm’s length what I call your “superwoman cape.”
You know the one: that outfit that always makes you shine even just by looking at it?
The most important thing any woman can wear is confidence. Arrange your closet
so that it not only whispers, but screams what a gift you are to the world.

2. The 5 year rule

Anything you have not worn in the last 5 years has got to go.
There is one exception to this: pick 3-5 items that hold major sentimental value,  and another 5 items that are high dollar value. Those stay.
The rest is sayonara.
I know letting go is tough, but you will probably go another 5 years without wearing those pieces, and we cannot receive new if we don’t clear out
the old.
Regardless, many people including myself,  find it tough parting with the past.
Sometimes it helps knowing where those memories are going. I like to donate older clothing to groups like dress for success, an organization that
helps assist unemployed women looking for work.
It’s comforting knowing my garments will help create new memories and opportunities for someone else.
I’ll even write a note on the inside tag of my favorite items ( “this brought me luck” or “you are beautiful!”)
In this way, nothing ever dies, it lives on.

3. Skeletons

Clothing holds energy. If when you look at something in your wardrobe it reminds you of a bad experience
or makes you feel unwell, it must be tossed.
Search your closet for all the “skeletons” hiding in there, and if they lower your vibration,
send them on their way.
Just this one act is very cathartic and a great way to start off the New Year.

4. Extra baggage

Your closet can be quite symbolic of what’s going on in your life—is it a sight for sore eyes, or an eye sore?
Regardless of its current condition,  one thing that can really help is omitting what I like to call “space invaders.”
This refers to all the things monopolizing space: clunky hangers, shoe boxes, luggage, anything that leaves less room for the organization of your
garments. There are a lot of resources to help you get creative in omitting this extra “baggage”. One such resource to start with, even just to get ideas is
The Container Store.

5. Wire Hangers

Joan Crawford had it right in that iconic scene in the movie Mommy Dearest when she screamed: “no more wire hangers!”
Aside from making your closet look like a hot mess, thin wire hangers can pose damage risks to clothing, are weight restricted and terrible at holding shape.
Now’s time for updated hangers, especially with so many new affordable choices.
Having the same hanger style in your entire closet can also transform it from drab to glam.

Wishing you all an incredible year, and remember:
You are strong, you are smart, you are beautiful.



Canadian Fashion Designer Dalia MacPhee has rocketed to the upper echelon of sought- after designers in Hollywood. She’s been called the “IT” girl of the red carpet and Entertainment Tonight has referred to her brand as “Couture with a Conscience.” The Consul General of Canada listed her as an emerging phenomenon in Canada with significant designing talent, and Google Inc has touted her as “making waves in fashion and technology.” Dalia’s designs have graced figures of many of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood.
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