Spring Break: DOs & DON’Ts of Spring Fever

Spring Break

Spring Break: DOs & DON’Ts of Spring Fever

by Stefanie Michaels

Spring Fever .noun

— a listless, lazy, or restless feeling commonly associated with the beginning of spring. Origin: 1855–60, Americanism

So what does that description of “spring fever” really mean? It’s the mantra for literally hundreds of thousands of holiday seekers aka “spring breakers” (myself included) who are ready to break loose, shuck off the winter blues and hit the road of adventure.

We’re all about having fun, right? Being carefree and lapping up the sun, connecting with friends, celebrating “almost summer”– and let’s not forget endless hours of doing whatever the heck it is we want to do!

But, let’s be level headed here, after all- a fever of any sort can shift things up a bit. Check out some of my do’s and don’ts, which will hopefully help make your spring break feel like a cool holiday, instead of a feverish one!

~~~~~~~~~~ DO’s ~~~~~~~~~~

DO: Plan a trip with close friends and family. There’s nothing like traveling with people who you are comfortable with and who will look out for you if a crisis should occur.

DO: Make sure your reservations are in place. One week out, call and confirm those reservations with airlines, hotels, rental car agencies.

DO: Inquire with these reservation outlets for pricing changes. You never know–vendors may initiate last-minute pricing to get last-minute travelers to book with them. A price adjustment or an upgrade might be coming your way. Mama says: “It never hurts to ask”– so ask.

DO: Consider making a “loose” itinerary for your group, this way there are always things to do together. But, make sure you state that there is no pressure to conform as a group!

DO: Ask tourism agencies from the location you have chosen to travel, to send you an informational packet. Most agencies will do this gratis, and sometimes even send you posters, key chains, pen-schwag if you ask nicely and they have them available.

DO: Try and only carry on. I know, you’re thinking “Yah Right!”, but seriously- this is a peak time for lost luggage. I’d rather have a few key items, than sit in a hotel somewhere waiting to see where in the world my luggage is!

DO: Consider trip insurance for emergencies. I use Med-jet assist. Call them injured, and they will send a private jet for you where ever you are in the world and take you to the hospital of your choice. They have individual plans starting at $250.00, families: $385.00 for 1 year.

Do: On a budget? Skip the rent-a-car! Try and find a locale that has it all within walking distance, so your only transport worries will be “How do I get to and from the airport?”

DO: Consider purchasing inexpensive cell phone plans at your location. In France, I use the company Orange. Sometimes, not always (you have to check with your mobile company), a free phone with a purchase of minutes can work out cheaper than roaming charges and high-priced international calls, especially if you don’t have an international plan.

DO: For international travel, do contact your credit card companies to inquire about overseas charges, and inquire with banks about transaction fees. You don’t want to come home to see a bunch of hard earned money “gone down the fee-drain”.

DO: Pace yourself! Your holiday just started…

~~~~~~~~~~ DON’TS ~~~~~~~~~~

DON’T: Enter a country without knowing the rules first. Some countries will confiscate medications, so do your research and make sure you know what to know before you go.

DON’T: Make sure not to head off on your own unless you have notified someone in your group or you can notify the front desk if traveling alone.

DON’T: In warm weather places please use sunscreen. That “winter skin” you’ve lived in since the end of last summer will thank you.

DON’T: Items such as watches, cameras, jewelry, “Louie bags”, and anything else you care about loosing, should be left at home or in your hotel room’s safe, because, hey- it’s spring break, an instant party can erupt at any time. A cocktail or two or three, and “you’ll schhhhwearz your prut it rrlight ere”…

DON’T: Being late to things like the airport= not good. Leave that airport jockeying for the next time. We’re at peak season here folks, and getting to the airport at least 2 hours (3 preferably) will make your life a whole lot easier. Parents: Consider my extra hour per child rule. Inevitably, there is “the one” that needs the extra time. (Yah- you know what I’m talking about).

DON’T: Leave all your bells and whistles off your person. I’m talking about the 42 rings, 3 belts, thigh high lace-up boots, change in the pocket worth who knows what, 2 lap tops + 2 iPads, 17 body piercings, and 24 layers of clothing. Ok-Ok, I know I’m exaggerating, but just imagine THAT person in front of you going through the security line… and, like they say, if it’s not them, it’s you. So, either pack it for later, or leave it behind.

DON’T: Refrain yourself from bringing back what I call “toureeest-a schlock”. It was fun to see last night’s party cup and straw the size of junior, carved people out of coconut shells, fake plastic mini palm trees, all which set the scene where ever you were then, but now your home trying to fit that sombrero into your mid-century decor. Just enjoy it when you see it, save the cash, and leave it where it is really suppose to live, THERE.

Source: Spring Fever/Dictionary.com

Photo: D Pillon 

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