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Keep track of your pet’s lifetime medical history and other important information in one convenient location. This book is perfect for travel, keeping up with vaccinations and parasite control, and documenting health changes. This is an easy way to make sure you are taking the best possible care of your furry little friends. Works great for both cats or dogs. Measures 5″ x 8″ with 86 pages. Visit www.mypethealthpassport.com for additional accessories and information.

* Pet Information – This section provides an area to place a photo of your pet as well as document all important identifying information such as microchips, tattoos, registry numbers, and descriptive information.
* Vaccinations Log – Keep track of annual vaccinations with a space included for adding the vaccine sticker or serial number information as well as the administration/expiration date(s) and clinic information.
* Pet Weight Log – This section will help you to log your pet’s monthly weight to monitor any important health changes.
* Fecal/Deworming Log – Keep track of annual or biannual fecal exams or deworming history.
* Medical Log – Keeps a list of any trips to the vet during each calendar year.
* Medications/Prescriptions Log – List all medications prescribed during each calendar year.
* Heartworm/Flea Control Log – Never forget a dose again by logging each date of monthly parasite treatments during each calendar year.
* Travel Log – Keep track of and travel dates and locations during each calendar year.
* Grooming Log – Keep track of grooming, bathing, or pedicure dates during each calendar year.

Also includes a listing of important pet travel information, health information, and hotlines to US pet care instructions. And if you needed more, a notes section in the back provides a spot to document even more.

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