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HOPELF Pet Dogs Cats Small Animals Sling Carrier



  • Pets-friendly. The HOPELF pet slings are made from breathable, soft fabric which washes well. Pets feel comfy and snuggling inside. The depth of the pouch can vary by adjusting the strap, so it can carry your little one from weeks-old to months-old.
  • Portable Carrier. It’s a handy way to carry along your little one using the sling. The sling is light weight.(actual weight) You can fold it and put it in your backpack.
  • Pretty Safe. Safety is always our concern. The sling has a collar attachment to better protect your curious little one when it sticks out to look around. It helps prevent your pet from fleeing or falling.
  • Size & Adjustment. Size is about 60*30cm(23.6*11.8 inch), where the carrier falls on your body depends on your height, torso length, and circumference. A picture is posted showing the approximate position. Adjust the straps to a comfortable length.
  • Ergonomic Design. It can be used on either shoulder. You won’t get a sore shoulder after an outing because we added extra width to the straps. An outside pocket with a zipper is included.

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