Planning a Trip? Check the Weather!

Planning a Trip? Check the Weather!


Weather either makes or breaks a holiday. If you’re looking for sun, you want to make sure your days are sun-filled. If you’re looking to hit the slopes, you will be hoping for the best ski conditions out there.

I have various means of checking historical data, and what the weather “could” be like duting a seasonal trip- could being the operative word.

We all know we can only predict weather on some of the shoulder periods (off-season) only as good as the historical data we’re provided. Even the weather experts get it wrong sometimes.

I came across this site, some of you may all ready use. It’s called and it’s pretty comprehensive.

Once you are on the site, you will be abl e to choose a location on the world map.


Choose from a list of countries. The information then breaks it down city by city in the country you have chosen. Choose the city name your considering, and up comes a chart not only about weather highs and lows, but also water temperature, winds, hours of sunshine, and percepitation.

Weather Guide

You can also choose current weather conditions, and up to five days forecast.

So, before you start planning your much deserved holiday, will be a great planning tool to keep on hand.

Here’s the link: