Introducing Patrick T Cooper: Adventure Girl’s Fashion Contributor

Patrick T. Cooper

Introducing Patrick T Cooper: Adventure Girl’s Fashion Contributor

by Lavanya Sunkura


Patrick T. Cooper is a stylist, fashion editor and creative director. But that’s not all he is. He’s also a man determined to live life to the fullest. His mantra is to live authentically and confidently. That’s exactly what he’s doing in his hometown of Atlanta, where he was born and raised. He designs, travels, and encourages others to live a more vibrant life.

For more than 15 years, Patrick’s unique style has influenced fashion and pop-culture. He dressed global icons, created complete looks for videos and commercials, built images and brands. But after some soul searching, he decided to be his own boss, and started his brand Patrick T Cooper.

In 2011, he launched his own luxury resort and swimwear line, Patrick T Cooper Resort Collection (PTCRC), to help women feel sexy and confident in bathing suits. Patrick’s designs aren’t about the latest trends of fads; they lean more towards classic and evergreen, encouraging women to embrace their bodies with warmth and comfort.

Here, Patrick shares about what inspires him, his travels, style tips and what his plans are for Adventure Girl.

AG: How did you get into style as a business?

PTC: I know a lot of my style is really just innate. For a long time, I used to walk around trying to figure out where it came from. I am more aware now that it’s just my gift to the world. I don’t know how to explain where it comes from. I will sit in a space and the ideas just come to me. That’s one of the reasons why I grew as an artist and became Patrick T. Cooper with my own brand. I graduated school for business and finished from Depaul University, but I am not for Corporate America. I can’t be confined to someone else trying to control me. If you give me a little wiggle room, my creativity is going to take me where I need to go. It’s always been the eye for style.

AG: What are you currently working on?

PTC: My aesthetic carries over a lot of different arenas. I recently introduced my swimwear collection and I want it to become a part of my legacy. I write about style and fashion and then it grew into travel, food, culture, and art. I am not a sommelier but I can tell you what tastes good to me. I don’t own a lot of art, but I can tell you what looks good to me.

AG: What is your main style tip for everyone?

PTC: I am all about KISS– keep it simple stupid. Style is also all about balance. Layering when it’s needed, but not overlayering. Don’t over complicate everything. When you see the closet in Sex and the City, it is not complicated. All you need are your essentials and it needs to be tailored.

My three points for the perfect style- keep it simple, balance, and tailoring because most people aren’t perfect and there is no perfect size.

AG: What’s your favorite place to travel and what do you always bring on your trips?

PTC: One of my favorite places is Berlin. I love it because it’s bursting with style. You have very influential people and struggling artists but they are living in harmony.

My must-haves for a trip are blue or black blazer, my gucci wide legged bell bottom pants, and a pair of Stan Smith Adidas sneakers. And a ton of white shirts.

AG: How do you feel about joining the Adventure Girl team?

PTC: It’s amazing! When I first met Stefanie on a trip, she said to me, “I am doing what I love to do because I was almost not here” which I found inspiring. I lost my father to Parkinson’s disease. Death is inevitable. Stef and I talked about living in a way that we create a legacy. No matter what goes on in this world, you have to do what you really want to do. Everything else will fall into place. Most people don’t get a chance to adventure and live freely, they have a foot on their neck and life doesn’t allow them to get a break. When you hear people’s stories about laying on the table and not knowing if they are going to get up, it makes you want to live life to the fullest. If something happens to me, I know I pushed it to the limit. I’d take those adventures over not having them.

AG: What will you be focusing on as a contributor to Adventure Girl?

PTC: Fashion, style, and a lot of design essentials. Stef and I talked about all the essentials you should have and how you could get those without breaking the bank. We will be talking about the perfect travel shoe, the ideal black dress, how to get faux pearls, and all the small things we forget that are essential to live a more vibrant life. You don’t have to be a millionaire to live large.

Let’s give Patrick a warm welcome to the Adventure Girl team!

More about Patrick T. Cooper:

For over 15 years Patrick T Cooper consistently influences fashion, art and entertainment. With an innate creative ability Patrick curates visual imagery that sets trends. An avid romantic of color, texture, layering and travel Patrick mindfully manipulates the intersections creating a culture and lifestyle determined and reinforced with his primary principles: live authentically & celebrate originality. A few of Patrick’s clients include: Robin Meade/CNN Headline News, TI, Sean Puffy Combs, NBA Champion Shaquille O’Niel, 3 Doors Down, 50 Cent, Usher, Academy Awards, Grammys, Golden Globes, The Emmy Awards, MTV Music Awards, Levis, Badgley Mischka, Giorgio Armani, Coke, Nike and more.


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