Each year colleagues and friends take off and head to one of the world's best and biggest music festivals, the always sold out Coachella Music Festival in Coachella Valley, California. Where is Coachella? (ko-CHEL-a, ko-a-CHEL-a) is a city in Riverside County, California, or better known to locals as Indio, California- smack...
Swag from Swaggy Squad
This is more of a commentary about Los Angeles, than a story about a dog, named Swaggy aka "Swaggy Doo"-- his Hollywood name. I was in the grocery store recently in my home town, which I call base camp. I am never home long enough to actually grocery shop, but...
America. With over 322 million people packed into 50 States, there’s bound to be some interesting facts about it. We’ve rounded up what we consider to be pretty interesting and odd factoids about the US of A! 1. Ye’ Old, Ye’ Old The U.S. Census Bureau (as of the beginning of 2016)...
Brush Creek Ranch
I’ve traveled near and far, globe trekking the world to investigate great places and spaces. Many locales have been outside my back door, others across oceans to exotic destinations. With all the traipsing I do, there is a place I’d like to think of as my home away from home,...

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