It’s a PINK Cake for Kim K!

It’s a PINK Cake for Kim K!

By AG team

If you left me on a deserted island, and gave me a couple of food choices to eat for the rest of my life, one would be cake… from Hansen’s Cakes.

Like Momager, Mama Jenner, I love to give cakes as gifts. Everyone in LA knows where to go, and that’s Hansen’s Cakes on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.

In fact, it seems as if anytime there is The Kardashians event, they head to Hansen’s. Kim snapchatted the whole cake event for the birth of her new daughter, thanking Kris Jenner, so we hope you caught that in her snaps. If not, of course, you can see the photo on Kim’s Instagram page, and follow Hansen’s Cakes on Instagram to see more delicious delectables.

Hansen’s has been around for almost 100 years, and has catered to clientele all over the world, but for Angelinos, it’s always been the go to bakery for birthdays, weddings, and pretty much anything you celebrate, which deserves a cake!

So, no surprise that Mama Jenner, purchased a cake for Kim K. and her new granddaughter.

Frilly and all kinds of pearlised pink, the cake is classy and whimsical.

We are drooling…

“Hello Hansen’s, we need a cake!”