Japanese Garden in Heart of City

by Fiona Tapp

Tokyo could never be described as boring, in fact, sometimes the glaring urban excitement and visual stimuli can amount to sensory overload. That’s when you need to find a retreat, like Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, which takes visitors from the hubbub of the world’s largest capital city and find solace in a luxury hotel set in expansive gardens that date back to 1861.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is located approximately 20 minutes outside the city and offers an urban oasis where travelers can recharge at the high-end spa, choose from 9 restaurants, cafes and, bistros or simply relax. The contrast between the city and the splendor of nature is showcased by the views offered in the luxurious rooms and suites, which are enormous, especially by Tokyo standards

In keeping with Japan’s reputation as a tech leader, rooms at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo are equipped with a complimentary smartphone which can be taken outside of the hotel and provides internet access and free calls. These phones come with google maps installed which makes navigating the city a cinch.

Free international calls can also be made to certain countries including the United States, so you can call home and let everyone know that you are safe and sound. For intimate romantic dinners or to impress guests dine at Mokushundo. Tucked away in the gardens this traditional Japanese restaurant will likely be the highlight of your trip. Lava stones from Mt. Fuji feature in the center of each table instead of an iron board for Teppan-Yaki and views out of the large windows provide lush snapshots while you enjoy the chef’s creative and sumptuous dishes.  

If you’re in search of cultural education Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo offers traditional kimono fittings by a kimono expert from Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Institute, which makes for some amazing photographs. Alternatively, you can take a tea ceremony class and learn more about this ancient and elegant practice, which takes about 10 years to master.

Before returning home be sure to totally destress at Yu, the hotel spa, which features a beautiful open-air swimming pool and traditional onsen hot springs.There are certain bathing etiquette rules you’ll need to follow if you wish to use a hot spring in Japan, which is well worth it for the experience.

You cannot wear a bathing suit in an onsen so be prepared to drop your inhibitions along with your clothes and wash yourself very well as the water is shared. Keep your hair up and out of the water and use the supplied washcloth as a little modesty saver as you wander between the baths and the shower area, but be sure to never put your washcloth into the hot spring water.

Chinzanso effortlessly marries all the convenience and excitement of a trip to Tokyo with the serenity of more traditional Japanese pursuits- enjoy!

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, Japan, 112-8680 

Fiona Tapp

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