Hotel Review: Latitude 10

by Fiona Tapp

If you are looking for a true retreat from the world, a place to find serenity and unplug for a few days, you’ll find your own private haven at Latitude 10

Located in Santa Teresa, on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, six eco-lodges sit in tropical rainforests where you can view monkey’s, anteaters, lizards and more right from your terrace. The casita’s here are windowless so that guests can enjoy the cooling breeze and are lulled into the deepest sleep by the sounds of waves crashing just a few steps away. Private bathrooms are outside and each room comes with a flashlight in case you decide to go wandering. 

As night falls the turndown service includes the lighting of candles up the steps to your cabin and inside creating a tranquil space, the exclusion of a WiFi signal helps to further encourage guests to really focus on their mental and physical health.

I took part in a morning yoga class on Santa Teresa beach, sipping on fruit infused water after the class, I spoke with the instructor, Ali Torres, who encouraged me to remember to take time for myself. Following her advice, I read three books lounging around the swimming pool, gorged myself on the gastronomic delights on offer including the freshest ceviche, toasted green tortillas and of course, traditional Gallo Pinto! Each evening I strolled down to the beach where a crowd gathered nightly to watch the sunset. As the resort is so intimate staff know your name and provide the highest level of personalized service. The manager told me that every sunset here was totally unique and he was right, I watched the sky illuminated in pinks, turquoise, purples and deep oranges before fading to a black so deep I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face and I had to rely on my flashlight to direct me back to bed.

Craving some physical activity after so much relaxation I borrowed a bicycle and explored Santa Teresa, a surfing town, this place has a laid-back vibe and plenty of organic juice bars to choose from. The dirt road that connects luxury hotels and fine dining spots make for some perilous cycling conditions but it was worth the ride to check out local restaurants, surf shacks and sample a vivid green kale and mango smoothie.

This boutique lodging option is the ultimate self-care treat, you’ll head for home in a state of calm bliss and I predict you’ll return to Santa Teresa.

Latitude 10, Santa Teresa, Cóbano, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Rates start from $220 a night and include breakfast, free bicycle rental and concierge service.

Fiona Tapp

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