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  • Spring Break

    Spring Break: DOs & DON’Ts of Spring Fever

    DON'T: Being late to things like the airport= not good. Leave that airport jockeying for the next time. We're at peak season here folks, and getting to the airport at least 2 hours (3 preferably) will make your life a whole lot easier. Parents: Consider my extra hour per child rule. Inevitably, there is "the one" that needs the extra time. (Yah- you know what I'm talking about). Read More...

  • 8 Great: Things to Do in Transylvania

    “Is Transylvania a real place?” Start typing this question into Google’s search bar and it will quickly autocomplete the query for you. No region in Europe exudes such an air of mystery and captures the imagination quite as vividly as Transylvania. Read More...

  • Credit: NPS photo by Michael Quinn

    Seven Underrated Winter Getaways

    ...bundle up, hop on a two-wheeler and pedal your way from barista to bartender, popping into whichever place suits your fancy, or gets you out of the rain. Sit by a gorgeous fireplace and alongside walls of fine distilled spirits at the Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library or hit Stumptown Coffee Roasters and... Read More...

  • 8Great: Live Like a Celebrity if only for a Weekend Adventure…

    Purchased in 1992 by rockers Bono and The Edge of U2, The Clarence Hotel in Dublin, Ireland is adjacent to Temple Bar, a popular nightlife area. Although most travellers praise the hotel's location, some cite the evening noise as a problem. But what would you expect from rock stars? Read More...

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