Items every future princess should have on her wedding present wish list

Items every future princess should have on her wedding present wish list

By Aly Walansky

Getting married is about more than planning the wedding – you are also planning a new life together. Whether you are marrying into the royal family or marrying your high school sweetheart (or somewhere in between, like most of us), no princess should be without the following items on their wish list or registry.

Calphalon Premier™ Space Saving Hard Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set 

This cookware allows the princess to prepare a delicious meal for her royal guests while also keeping her castle organized! The pots, pans and lids stacks and nests to save 30% more space in cabinets!


truMedic InstaShiatsu + Foot Massager with Heat ($399.97) – Standing on her feet all day doing the royal wave is exhausting, foot massages are great , but a true princess should have the truMedic InstaShiatsu Foot Massager as an option without even leaving the house! Err, castle.

Betsey Johnson Luggage

The princess will hope to travel with her prince – it’s part of the job! – and the new luggage from Betsey Johnson is as unique as she is! Check out the 20” Paris Spinner, which retails for $120 – this design certainly says love is in the air!

Wedgwood Crimson

Wedgwood Wonderlust Crimson Jewel 4x6in Picture Frame

The Wedgwood story began in 1759, when Josiah Wedgwood, aged just twenty-nine, started as an independent potter in Burslem, Staffordshire, England. He began to experiment avidly with clay, exploring its many possibilities. Wonderlust Crimson Jewel  is available online at Wedgwood for $79.95. Frames are a perfect gift to showcase photos of nieces and nephews!

Birch Coffee Collective Subscription

It’s a recently launched subscription service delivering coffee directly to your door from top specialty coffee roaster, Birch Coffee. The Birch Coffee Collective includes beans that can be ground to suit any and every brew method. People can sign up for deliveries every week, every two weeks, and every four weeks. For the princess that needs her buzz to get going in the morning, this is a life essential. (Play video on the left).


Sophie Ratner’s Five Diamond and Chain earrings are a kind of tongue-in-cheek spin on the “old ball and chain’ reference to marriage but in an elegant beautiful pair of earrings made of polished 14k gold studs with a delicate row of five diamond studs and a chain that loops from the front to the back of the ear. What a beautiful new piece to turn into a classic! $530

Newey & Bloomer English Copper Kettle 

Established in 1850, Newey & Bloomer designed and patented the iconic Simplex kettle in 1903. Every kettle by Newey & Bloomer is made in England by hand from the finest solid copper. Newey & Bloomer kettles has been a wedding gift to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and their Royal Highnesses Prince Charles and Prince William. $299

The Eternity Rose, is a company specializing in precious-metal-coated or glazed natural roses. The flagship product is the 24k Gold-Dipped Rose, priced at $179, but there is a wide selection of roses as well as a range of jewelry. What symbolizes an eternal union more than a beautiful rose that will last forever, coated in precious metal?

KODAK PRINTOMATIC Instant Print Camera: Every future princess will want to document her favorite moments with her future prince and what better way to do it than with an instant print camera? No princess is going to want to wait for her most memorable moments with her prince charming to be printed out and decorated around the palace! on Amazon for $69.99

100 Ways to Be in Joy

Simple, elegant and joy-filled, this is the perfect book to add to a home that is just starting out with 100 beautiful full-color digital paintings and 100 matching suggestions for ways to be in joy. Supplemented by quotes from Transformational Coach and author Halle Eavelyn. Available for all princesses on and it is also on Kindle.

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