FITNESS: 2 New Fitness iPhone Apps = Music for Your Workout

FITNESS: 2 New Fitness iPhone Apps = Music for Your Workout

For Immediate Release:

August 17, 2010 (MMD Newswire) — PS Ventures Limited today announced the release of two new iphone apps for the fitness community. ‘Music Interval Training Tool’ and ‘Workout Music Timer’ are now available to download from Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Music is a great way to manage someone’s state of mind. As a boxer enters a ring, their music of choice will be fast and uplifting. Similarly, whilst relaxing in a yoga class, the music of choice will be slow, calm and gentle.

These two apps use this principal to help manage your state of mind throughout your workout by allowing you to create multiple music playlists for exercising at different levels of intensity. Perfect for running, cycling, spinning, rowing or any other cardiovascular fitness activity, these apps will help you achieve your goals.

Music Interval Training Tool is a countdown timer designed for interval training. The flexible workout builder allows you to create a custom interval workout that can be as complex or as simple as you wish. Additionally, you can set a high intensity playlist to help get you pumped up in the high intensity phases and a low intensity playlist to help calm your heart rate through the low intensity phases. The music will automatically change as you enter each phase.

Workout Music Timer is a more conventional stopwatch but with three different intensity music playlists. Move between playlists at the touch of a button and track how long you’ve been exercising at each intensity while you are exercising.
Originally conceived for spinning instructors to control their classes, the benefits to all types of cardiovascular exercise are clear to see.

PS Ventures Limited director Philip Simpson commented “We’re very excited to be bringing these two apps to the fitness community. The Music Interval Training Tool is groundbreaking with its fully customisable and flexible interval timer coupled with the use of music playlists to help our users achieve their fitness goals. We believe our users will really feel the benefit of using music to specifically help them with their workout and will find that the customisable nature of the Music Interval Training Tool will satisfy all of their interval training requirements”.

PS Ventures Limited is a UK based company specialising in web design and iphone app development. The company website can be found at