What is #TravelTuesday?

by Stefanie Michaels

Hopefully you’re now on the social platform, Twitter.

What’s so awesome about it, is the bevy of information one can tap into. If you’re interested in travel, how do you find fellow travelers, companies who are all about travel, and where to go next?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. Follow the hastag (#) #traveltuesday.

So, what Is TravelTuesday? A fellow tweeter, turned social entrepreneur, Katy Lynch, started the tag to help promote the Where I’ve Been website initially. An entree into social media, she was their community manager, and thought it was a great way to promote the website which connected travelers. Their site is a hub of tweets talking travel, thanks to Katy! On their website it explains…

“TravelTuesday is great for everyone. If you are a traveler looking for advice, if you want to share your prior experiences and knowledge to help others, or simply love traveling and talking with like minded Tweeps! You can also easily share your favorite URLs, pictures, blog posts and more! Tuesday’s are all about travel!”

I’ve use the hashtag for many things, including seeking out travel advise from locals in the destinations I plan on traveling to and connecting with travel brands. I also use it to check out flash sales for airfares and hotel deals that are only released on Twitter. If you can grab some of these discounts, it’s a great way to save on your budget.

So, travel lovers, make sure to follow @socialkaty, and @whereivebeen on Twitter.

Have a great #traveltuesday! Love, @adventuregirl

AG Portrait ThumbnailStefanie Michaels, aka ‘Adventure Girl’, spends more than 180 days a year on the road seeking out great spots for adventures, dining, shopping, hotels and more. Dubbed “America’s Sweetheart” by Vanity Fair Magazine for being one of Twitter’s first icon’s to reach over 1 million followers, her fans continue to grow across all of her digital media platforms. Follow her @adventuregirl as she shares photos, updates and more.