Sugarfina Founders’ Gift Giving Tips!

Sugarfina + Adventuregirl

Sugarfina founders can’t live without candy, thankfully. What started as a lack of thoughtful, and clever gifts in the marketplace to send to family and friends, inspired co-founders Leslie Lyon and Elisabeth Vezzani to create Sugarfina– a candy lovers online paradise.

We all love some sugar every now and then, and our founder, Stefanie Michaels is all about Hot Tamales and Chewy Sweet tarts, and many of us are choco-holics.

We couldn’t help but wonder what candies these sweet-tooth-candy-loving founders can’t live without.

Cue mouth-watering starts now.

Pink Grapefruit, Rainbow Sour Belts, Bullseyes Caramel Creams, Sour Patch Cherries, Bit-O-Honey, Sour Patch Apples, Tootsie Rolls and Black Licorice Jelly Bellys.

“Nostalgic Candy is my favorite because it’s like a time machine. When I eat a bullseye (caramel cream) I’m 10. 🙂 ,” says Leslie Lyon.

“I like Tootsie Rolls so much, I think I should have considered naming one of my children-Tootsie,”  states Elisabeth Vezanni.

Through the process of building their sugar empire, they became unofficial “gifting experts” and total candy pros. So, with Mother’s Day coming up, we wanted to know what they’ve learned about gifting, and how to send something to even the pickiest of candy lovers.

Here are their 4 guidelines for great gifting for any occasion, because after all, who doesn’t love candy!

Follow Sugarfina’s Guidelines for Great Gifting:

1) Looks matter. Everyone wants to make a great first impression. We’ve found that packaging is as important to most people, as what’s inside.  That initial impression will stay with them long after the gift is gone, so make sure your gift is “dressed to impress”.

2) Instant Gratification (for everyone). People want things right away. Ever heard “Why didn’t you thank me later?” Nope. Or, “I wish your birthday gift came after my birthday.”

Unlikely. Gifts that can be sent instantly (when you get that sick to your stomach—“Oh no, is that today?” feeling), can make you look like you’re totally on the ball—even when you’re totally not. 🙂

3) Fun, fun, and more fun. No one get’s sick of a good time. The more fun you can make the gift for the receiver, the more memorable and appreciated it will be. The experience that the gift provides is as important as the gift—(or, dare we say, even more important.)

4) Customization is Key.  The key to a great gift is when your gift receiver thinks “Wow! She/He really knows me.” 🙂 The more you can customize a gift (or better yet, let them customize it) the more of a perfect fit, and a great gift it will be.