Photo Shoot: Kristen Kellogg’s Nebraska Adventures

Nebreska Train Tracks

Our Adventure Girl team had the chance to work with global trekker, photographer and story-teller, Kristen Kellogg from We sent her to central Nebraska to uncover some adventures.

Central Nebraska is part of America’s heartland. It’s also one of the best places to view the Great Crane Migration.  More than 500,000 Cranes, as well as other bird species, take flight during their migration, touching down on Grand Island. There is also trekking in the sand dunes, and the chance to shoot photography with expert wildlife photographer, Rick Rasmussen. Click the link to see what activities Grand Island offers.

With all the wide open spaces in Central Nebraska, road trip’n is an optimal way to see this part of the 37th state. Check in on The Pony Express Tour, take your photo with the largest pair of Levi’s in the world, (Kitschy, we know, but we like it), or stop into the Bartering Corner shop and make friends with the locals.

Here at AG, we are all choco-holics! So, learning that Kristen got to head into the Chocolate Bar, in the heart of Grand Island for desserts and specialty coffees, got us drooling at our desks!

Don’t miss: their Almond Butter Rainbow cake– a sweet, dense almond pound cake that comes with 4 colored layers and is covered in decadent white frosting.

Read More about Kristen’s Nebraska adventures in her personal story here!

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Photo Credit: Kristen Kellogg